2015 is a bargaining year for the MSVUFA

Who negotiates for the MSVUFA?

The Negotiating Committee, elected by the MSVUFA membership, compiles the information from a variety of sources, including the membership, to identify priorities for negotiation. From this, the MSVUFA Executive members form the mandate and appoint the Bargaining Team. The Bargaining Team, our front line, conducts the negotiations with representatives of the MSVU Board of Governors (usually VP Administration, a Dean and the Directors of Finance and Human Resources).

Hist-Dept-2011(1)What happens during negotiations?

Once we file for negotiation, talks may start any time but most likely won’t gain momentum until summer and fall of 2015.

At the first meeting, each side presents a list of articles they would like to have negotiated or ‘opened’. These items are presented, along with draft ‘language’ in the subsequent meetings. There is a lot of discussion as each side attempts to understand the issues from the other side’s perspective and reach acceptable agreement, article by article. There is ‘give and take’ or bargaining within and among articles in the process, all while remaining within the mandate given by their sides.

The Bargaining Team will keep you apprised of the progress with regular updates – detail at meetings and summarized on our web site – www.msvufa.ca so please add the link to your bookmarks.

What can you do as a member of the MSVUFA?

We need a membership that is engaged in the process, aware of the issues and who can clearly state their priorities. Be familiar with your Collective Agreement and think about what collective agreement issues are important to your work at MSVU and how they may be improved for the benefit of all members.

Please plan to attend the focus group meetings, the General Meetings, read the Communiqués and any other information that we may send you. We will also post the Communiqués on our web site.

Information about Conciliation and Strike Vote 2015

Media Release Strike Vote 2015

CAUT Media Release about MSVU-FA Strike Vote


Upcoming deadline: September 1 -- Faculty and Lab Instructor members submit their annual report to the Dean.

(Note: Dean returns the signed annual report to the member by 30 Sept)

Upcoming deadline: September 15 -- Faculty members applying for reappointment or tenure update their academic file for evaluation.

Travel grant application for travel between 1 November and 15 January.

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