2016 – 2017  Executive
President:  Robert Farmer
Vice President:  Jeff MacLeod
Past President:  Linda Mann
Executive Secretary:  Jean Mills
Treasurer:  Ann MacGillivary

Arts and Science:  Corey Slumkoski
Education:  Michelle Forrest
Professional Studies:  Gabrielle Durepos
Open:  Diane Piccitto

Grievance Officer:  Geneviéve Boulet     (July – December, 2016)
Grievance Officer:  Michael MacMillan  (January – June, 2017)


Upcoming deadline: September 1 -- Faculty and Lab Instructor members submit their annual report to the Dean.

(Note: Dean returns the signed annual report to the member by 30 Sept)

Upcoming deadline: September 15 -- Faculty members applying for reappointment or tenure update their academic file for evaluation.

Travel grant application for travel between 1 November and 15 January.

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