Margie O’Brien Memorial Endowed Scholarship Established by the Mount Saint Vincent University Faculty Association in memory of Dr. Margie O’Brien, a much loved colleague who will always be remembered for her inspiring leadership as the unionized Association’s first president.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, a student must have completed 5.0 units of university work and must be enrolled full time in an undergraduate program, including education, during the year in which the scholarship is held.

Applicants are judged according to their academic record. It is also desirable for candidates to have a record of community activism. Applicants must provide documentary evidence of their achievement in these areas.

2023-2024 April Fletcher/Sydney McAllister (shared)
2022-2023 Jillian Smith/Lindsay Heyland (shared)
2021-2022 Elisha Monteith/Jillian Smith (shared)
2020-2021 Lauren Slaunwhite
2019-2020 Emily Wright
2018-2019 Alyssa Millar
2017-2018 Emily Wright
2016-2017 Meredith Bessey
2015-2016 Landon Brown
2014-2015 John Wangsgaard
2013-2014 Jenny Davison
2012-2013 Kim Sheppard
2011-2012 Danielle Cyr
2010-2011 Melinda Venderleide
2009-2010 Danielle Pinkney
2008-2009 Jen Alexander
2007-2008 Jenalle Butcher
2006-2007 Jane Storey
2005-2006 Rebecca Fraser
2004-2005 Catherine Collett
2003-2004 Catherine Collett
2002-2003 Not awarded
2001-2002 Megan Burrows
2000-2001 Not awarded
1999-2000 Karla Makhan

A bursary was established by MSVUFA to honour the memory of members, members’ families and friends who passed away. Each year the FA continues to makes a contribution in their names. The University uses funds from this bursary to assist students who experience a financial need.