msvuFA Representatives on FA and MSVU Committees

Robert Farmer – Treasurer
CAUT Defence
Fund Trustee
Stan Orlov 2019-21
FA Donations
Rhoda Zuk 2019-20
Vacant 2019-20
Elsie Henderson (ex officio)
FA Investment
vacant 2019-20
vacant 2019-20
vacant 2019-20
Elsie Henderson (ex officio) 2019-20
FA Nominations
Jennifer Brady – Chair 2019-20
Sarah Reddington 2019-20
Elizabeth Bowering 2019-20
vacant (ex officio) 2019-20
FA Social
Kyly Whitfield – Chair 2019-20
Maya Eichler 2019-20
Krista Ritchie 2019-20
Jonathan Roberts 2019-20
Gabie Durepos (ex officio) 2019-20
FA Communications
vacant – Chair 2019-20
vacant 2019-20
vacant 2019-20
Graham Fraser (ex officio) 2019-20
FA Equity Action Committee Geneviève Boulet 2019-20
Gabrielle Durepos 2019-20
Tamara Franz-Odendaal
Karen Macfarlane 2019-20
Jonathon MeDrano 2019-20
Diane Piccitto – Chair 2019-20
Denyse Rodrigues 2019-20
Sandra Sawchuk 2019-20
Tianyuan Yu 2019-20
FA Constitution Review CommitteeGeneviève Boulet
Gabrielle Durepos
Diane Piccitto – Chair
Sandra Sawchuk
Rhoda Zuk
FA Bargaining
Team (2020-2022)
Genevieve Boulet – Chief Negotiator
FA Contract CommitteeGraham Fraser – Chair 2019-21
FA Grievance
Geneviève Boulet Jan 2019-Dec 31-2020
Martha Walls Jan-Jun 30, 2021
District Labour
Tammy Findlay 2019-20
NSFL Human Rights
Contact NSFL
MSVU L’nu Advisory CircleMichelle Forrest (FA appointment) 2020-
Jonathon MeDrano 2020-
Jim Sharpe 2020
Sherry Pictou 2020
MSVU Benefit Users
Committee (2 yr term)
Pending 2020-22
Will Shead 2019-21
MSVU Budget CommitteeJeff MacKinnon 2019-20
James Sawler 2019-20
MSVU Deans’ Travel
Committee (elected
by FA members for
2-year terms and must be Chairs or
Education Directors)
Jonathan Roberts 2018-20
Peter Mombourquette 2018-20
MSVU Employment
Tianyuan Yu 2019-20
MSVU Harassment
& Discrimination
Ian Reilly 2019-20
MSVU Joint
Occupational Health
& Safety
Kelly Resmer 2019-20
vacant 2019-20
MSVU Pension
Board (selected by
the FA Exec for 3-yr
Robert Farmer Jan 2018-2020
Peter Mombourquette 2019-22
James Sawler 2016- Dec 2019
Kelly Resmer Jan 2019-2021
MSVU & msvuFA Recruitment & Retention of Indigenous Faculty, Librarians & Lab Instructors (Ad Hoc)Jonathan Roberts 2020
Jonathon MeDrano 2020
Rhoda Zuk 2020
MSVU Retention
Peter Mombourquette 2019-20
Paulette Cormier 2019-20
MSVU & msvuFA Task Force to Review Application Procedures that Support Special Leaves (Ad Hoc)Maya Eichler 2020
Sandra Sawchuk 2020
MSVU Wellness
Linda Mann 2019-20
MSVU Search
Committee for Associate Vice
President Research
Karen Macfarlane
Jessie Lee McIsaac
Kyly Whitfield
Tammy Findlay (Senate appointment)
MSVU Search for
Dean Professional Studies
Elsie Henderson
Geneviève Boulet
Gabrielle Durepos
Diane Piccitto (Senate appointment)
Amy Thurlow (Senior Admin appointment)
MSVU Search for Director of Facilities ManagementChérif Matta
MSVU Board of
Jeff MacLeod 2019-pro term
Gabrielle Durepos 2019-2022
Susie Brigham 2018-2020
MSVU Campus Security Working GroupKelleyAnne Malinen 2019-20
MSVU Senate CommitteesExecutive (EX)
Academic Appeals (AAC)
Academic Policy & Planning (CAPP)
Undergraduate Curriculum (UCC)
Appointment, Promotion & Tenure or Permanence for Academic Administrators (CAPTPAA)
Information Technology & Services (SCOITS)
Library Committee (SLC)
Nominations Committee (SNC)
Research & Publications (CRP)
Student Experience (SE)
Teaching & Learning (SCOTL)
Writing Initiatives (WIC)
Undergraduate Admissions, Scholarships & Awards (UASAC)
Graduate Scholarships, Assistantships & Awards (GSAA)
University Research Ethics Board (UREB)
Student Judicial Committee (SJC)
MSVU Other Senate Related CommitteesNancy’s Chair
University Review Committee (URC)
University Review Committee – Librarians (URCL)
University Review Committee – Lab Instructors (URCLI)
Board of Governors (BOG)
Joint Board/Senate Liaison (JBSL)
Advisory Committee for the Gail and Stephen Jarislowsky Chair in Learning Disabilities


Results of ANSUT's 2018 Post Secondary Education Poll. For further information, please refer to the Press Release.

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