FA Bargaining TeamGeneviève Boulet, Lead Negotiator
Tammy Findlay
Germaine Chan
Kelly Resmer
Diane Piccitto
FA Communications Committee
positions will be filled if committee is required
FA Equity Action Committee –
open/no limit, no set term
Geneviève Boulet (GO) 2021-22, 2023 (Jan) –
Michelle Forrest (ex officio) 2023-24
Michael Lin 2023-24
Brooke Richardson 2023-24
Gerald Tembrevilla (Chair) 2023-24
Shuyue Huang 2023-24
David Awde 2023-24
Jennifer Thornton 2022-24 (MSVU EDIA Rep)
Amna Mirza (MSVU EEC Rep ex officio) 2023-24
Grievance Officer Geneviève Boulet; Reina Green (Alternate Sep 11- Dec 31, 2023)
FA Investment Committee Elsie Henderson 2023-24
Adrian Downey 2023-24
Germaine Chan (ex officio) 2023-24
FA Nominations Committee Rhonda Bursey (Chair) 2023-24
Maria Matthews 2023-24
Nick Deal 2023-24
VACANT (ex officio) 2023-24
FA Social Committee Lori Borgal 2023-24 (Chair)
Jillian Ruhl 2023-24
Fred French 2023-24
Alina Ruiz 2023-24
Will Shead 2024
Michelle Forrest (ex officio) 2023-24
FA Research & Scholarship CommitteeJessie-Lee McIsaac (Chair)
Lori Borgal
Michelle Eskritt
Janice Keefe
Lindsey MacCallum
Sandra Sawchuk
Tamara Franz-Odendaal
Stefon Van Noordt
Kyly Whitefield (on leave)
Jen Khoury (on leave)
FA Job Action CommitteeLindsay MacCallum (Chair)
Nicole Slipp
KelleyAnne Malinen
Karen Macfarlane
Svenja Huntemann
MSVUFA Representatives
ANSUT Council Representative
Association of Nova Scotia University Teachers
Susie Brigham 2023-24
Shannan Grant 2023-24
CAUT Defence Fund Trustee
Canadian Association of University Teachers
Stan Orlov 2023-25
HDDLC Representatives
Halifax-Dartmouth District Labour
Tammy Findlay 2023-24
Kelly Resmer 2023-24
NSFL Human Rights/Anti-Racism
Nova Scotia Federation of Labour
Contact NSFL
MSVU Accessibility Advisory Committee (2-year term)Rhonda Bursey 2022-24
MSVU Benefit Users Committee (3-year terms)
Terms of Reference
Kelly Resmer 2022-25
El Jones 2021-24
MSVU Board of Governors Susie Brigham 2023-24 (FA President, pro tem)
Tamara Franz-Odendaal 2023-2024
Janice Keefe 2023-2024
MSVU Budget Committee (3-year terms)
Terms of Reference
Jeff McKinnon 2021-24
Peter Mombourquette 2023- 26
MSVU Deans’ Travel Committee (one Chair/Director from each of the three Faculties elected for 2-year terms by FA members) Cornelia Schneider (Education) 2023-25
Danielle Cox (Arts & Science) 2023-25
Peter Mombourquette (Professional Studies) 2022-2024
MSVU EDIA Committee (2-year term)Susie Brigham (FA Rep) 2022-24
Jennifer Thornton (FA EAC Rep) 2022-24
MSVU Employment Equity Committee (3-year term)
Terms of Reference
Amna Mirza 2023-26
MSVU Harassment & Discrimination Committee (2-year term)
Terms of Reference
Nick Deal 2022-24
MSVU Joint Occupational Health
& Safety Committee (2-year terms)
Terms of Reference
Kelly Resmer 2022-24
Deanna Struthers 2023-25
MSVU L’nu Advisory Circle Michelle Forrest (FA appointment) 2023-24
MSVU Pension Governance Board (3-year terms)
Terms of Reference Education Committee
Terms of Reference Investment Committee
Delegation Document – Retirement Plan for Employees
Fred French 2023-2026
Peter Mombourquette 2022-25
Robert Farmer 2022-25
MSVU Retention Committee
Terms of Reference
Alina Ruiz 2023-24
MSVU Wellness Committee
Terms of Reference
Phillip Joy 2023-24
University Librarian Search CommitteeStan Orlov

Other Committees

MSVU Senate Committees Executive (EX)
Academic Appeals (AAC)
Academic Policy & Planning (CAPP)
Undergraduate Curriculum (UCC)
Appointment, Promotion & Tenure or Permanence for Academic Administrators (CAPTPAA)
Information Technology & Services (SCOITS)
Library Committee (SLC)
Nominations Committee (SNC)
Research & Publications (CRP)
Student Experience (SE)
Teaching & Learning (SCOTL)
Writing Initiatives (WIC)
Undergraduate Admissions, Scholarships & Awards (UASAC)
Graduate Scholarships, Assistantships & Awards (GSAA)
University Research Ethics Board (UREB)
Student Judicial Committee (SJC)
MSVU Senate-Related Committees Nancy’s Chair
University Review Committee (URC)
University Review Committee – Librarians (URCL)
University Review Committee – Lab Instructors (URCLI)
Board of Governors (BOG)
Joint Board/Senate Liaison (JBSL)
Advisory Committee for the Gail and Stephen Jarislowsky Chair in Learning Disabilities