Dr. Diane Piccitto was awarded the CAUT Equity Award and formally received it on 25 November in Ottawa. “The Award was established in 2010 to recognize post-secondary academic staff who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to challenging exclusionary behaviours and practices such as racism and homophobia and by so doing have made post-secondary education in Canada more inclusive” (CAUT.ca)].

Diane Piccitto receiving CAUT Equity Award, Ottawa 2022 Nov. Left to right in group picture include:
Susan Spronk – Co-Chair CAUT Equity Committee, Diane Piccitto, Peter McInnis – CAUT President, Marvin Claybourne – Co Chair CAUT Equity Committee

Dr. Geneviève Boulet, our current Grievance officer, was named Sister of the Year on International Women’s Day, March 2022, awarded by the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour recognizing a union member who is an activist and leader in her union, community or beyond, who is dedicated to equity and labour activism and the advancement of women’s voices.

Dr. Geneviève Boulet, our current Lead Negotiator and Grievance Officer, was named the 2021 Sarah Shorten Award recipient at CAUT Council on 27 November 2020. It is with great delight that the MSVUFA celebrates the achievements of Dr. Boulet, the first woman Lead Negotiator of our Association. She provides an inspiration to challenge patriarchal systemic oppression in higher education especially through her leadership in bargaining within a feminist framework. A very warm congratulations, Geneviève, on receiving this important feminist award that recognizes “outstanding achievements in the promotion of the advancement of women in Canadian universities and colleges.”

At the ANSUT Annual General Meeting on 24 May 2019, Robert Farmer, along with Drs. Rudi Meyer, Peter McInnis and Scott Stewart were presented with CAUT Dedicated Service Awards. Each received the honour in recognition of their advocacy work in support of post-secondary education at the local and provincial levels. CAUT dedicated service awards recognize individuals for exceptional service to their faculty associations.

Robert Farmer was presented with the Donald C. Savage Award by the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) in November, 2017. This award recognizes distinguished achievements ­“supporting the cause of collective bargaining in the post-secondary sector” and contributions that have had widespread ramifications for collective bargaining.

In 2016, Ilya Blum, Susan Drain, Michelle Forrest, Michael MacMillan, Linda Mann and Rhoda Zuk (pictured on the left) received the CAUT Dedicated Service Award

In 2015, Meg Raven received the CAUT Dedicated Service Award.

In 2010, Chris Ferns received the Donald C. Savage Award. In 1993, Chris acted as chief negotiator for the MSVUFA and served in this capacity for five rounds of bargaining and two consecutive terms as MSVUFA President. This award acknowledged his role in advocating and building awareness on academics’ economic and equality issues having a broad impact.

In 2006, Patricia Baker was the recipient of the CAUT Sarah Shorten Award.

Past recipients of the CAUT Dedicated Service Award include, Barbara Casey, Ken Dewar, Chris Ferns, Peter Glenister, David Monaghan and Denise Nevo.